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  • Yitzi Weiner

    Yitzi Weiner

    A “Positive” Influencer, Founder & Editor of Authority Magazine, CEO of Thought Leader Incubator

  • Theresa Albert

    Theresa Albert

    Director of Communications at DigiWriting

  • JulieMcKinney_4811


    I’m a wife and mother and I’m inspired to share my story to help others find freedom to be themselves. We all have our issues. Let’s just be real with it!!

  • Kelli Robbins

    Kelli Robbins

  • Naomi Berkey

    Naomi Berkey

  • Holly Turkovic

    Holly Turkovic

  • chrissy teigen

    chrissy teigen

  • PS Accountability

    PS Accountability

  • July Westhale

    July Westhale

    co-founding executive editor of Writer, translator, professor, media roustabout. Gender queer (she/they).

  • Amy Lyons

    Amy Lyons

    Writer, reader, introvert. Lover of dogs and coffee. Memoir in progress about eldercare. Short story collection in progress about women’s desire.

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