Thinking Beyond Today…

Kelli Komondor
2 min readMar 20, 2020

… and beyond “ME”

I’m trying to break the worry and anxiety into categories:

✔ Health & Family

✔ Economy & Income

✔ Safety

I’m concerned, as we all should be, with the health and wellbeing of myself, my family and friends, and the general population. The longer people don’t follow this social distancing thing, the longer we will be forced to do it — and do even more. Other cities are shutting down, implementing curfews. Hospitals are being robbed of masks, gloves, and other protective gear. Facilities that have gear are saying they simply don’t have enough. Testing is subpar — many facilities either don’t have tests or won’t give tests if a patient doesn’t meet certain criteria.

On a positive note, the University of Pittsburgh received a multi-million dollar grant to work on a Covid-19 vaccine. Pittsburgh is known for its sports teams (and their amazing fans) and for life-changing medicine. We are becoming a real foodie town too. It’s a great place to live, when you can get out and enjoy living in it. I miss my kids, although it hasn’t been a full week since I’ve seen them. I think it’s just the fact of knowing I can’t. My son is still working. His company manufactures medical and pharmaceutical items. My daughter, a grad student at Pitt, is working and studying from home. Her boyfriend is still working, also in manufacturing. My husband works in public transportation and is still vital to the region, although there could be adjustments to routes and availability.

Even with having a few years of banking experience under my belt, I don’t truly understand how the economy will recover. Does anyone? How will those restaurants, in Pittsburgh and across the nation, reopen? How will the servers and bartenders survive? How does any business bounce back from weeks of lost profits? I’m technically “unemployed” right now, i.e. laid off — waiting for word on unemployment — but I too, feel lost and uneasy.

How will nonprofits come back from losing donations due to cancelled events? Loss of donors due to financial restrictions?

Then there is the overall safety of the country. Should we fear looting and robbery? Cyber attacks? What about all these text messages floating around with scare tactics and “warning”? Who do we believe? Trust?

So many questions — not many answers. So many others to think about and consider besides just ME. Are you thinking of others?

I’m so thankful for good stories. Great stories of people doing their best to serve their communities and help others who aren’t as fortunate. Whether it’s a restaurant providing free meals or landlords waiving a month’s rent — people are trying to make a real difference. Primanti Bros. (local, “famous” Pittsburgh-based restaurant chain) is putting their displaced workers in Giant Eagle (Pittsburgh-based grocer) locations — WIN WIN!

What stories have encouraged you? I’d love to hear them. Drop them below or reach out to me at