What Coronavirus Means for Me

Kelli Komondor
2 min readMar 17, 2020

It’s a double whammy when you’re already at risk — then get laid off.

When this coronavirus stuff started, I was concerned. It took me back to January 2014 when I contracted H1N1, most likely from a coworker. I already had an existing risk factor — asthma — and I was sick enough to make multiple emergency room visits, and then, a few months later, be admitted for a few days. Anyone who has a lung disease or illness knows how incredibly awful it is to struggle to breathe. Gasping for air and wheezing is a helpless, scary feeling and H1N1 definitely contributes to any existing airway problems you may already have.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m still feeling the effects of H1N1. I take a daily medication and visit a pulmonologist for a yearly check up and pulmonary function testing, a chest x-ray and what ever else he feels necessary. And a flu shot — always a flu shot!

So, Coronavirus comes to America and I have (1) asthma, (2) a past lung infection, and (3) type II diabetes. YAY FOR ME!

I’m the kind of person who can stay home for days at a time. Weeks, probably (that will be proven shortly). I have a good internet connection, an iPhone, laptop, a dish with Netflix, a love for Food Network shows, hubby, our Puppas Mia, and enough books and magazines to last for months.

And now, I don’t have to worry about going anywhere.

I reported to the office Monday and was laid off, indefinitely.

I’m turning this into a positive — I have a million things I can be doing around the house. I have a book I’ve started three times, and haven’t made it through the first chapter without having to restart. I wanted to start blogging and promoting myself for independent contract work. I love marketing, writing and social media, event planning, and building strong business relationships. PS — Medium was the highest ranking blog site I found for simple, easy to post blogs. And I’m loving the customized home page!. I can find things to do… but I mostly want to stay focused on staying healthy.

Thankfully my husband’s company provides our health insurance — and very good insurance at that. He works in public transportation, which is not an ideal job right now, but he’s taking every precaution he can as to not bring something home to me. He’s able to take extra shifts because they are cleaning and sanitizing the transport vehicles more than usual, so that’s going to help. Plus there are stories about those of us affected by loss of wages due to Coronavirus receiving $1,000 to help keep us on our feet. I did apply for unemployment — along with what I’m sure are thousands of others across the country.

Has anyone else been laid off, had hours cut, or lost their job due to this pandemic? Are you at risk of losing health coverage? How are you feeling -physically and emotionally? What’s your plan? Want to chat? kelli.komondor@gmail.com